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The name “NSX” has one of the most devoted followings in the industry. The first generation NSX of the mid-1990’s was so highly rated that the established sports car manufacturers (like Ferrari) were forced to step up their game and make sports cars that were reliable and fast rather than be just one or the other. Making the NSX better than the rest was so important to Honda-Acura that they even employed famous Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna to personally test and sign off on the Japanese supercar. This new generation NSX features a bold design that is 100% Acura. The striking front end takes design cues from the RLX- in particular the beautiful LED headlights. Along side the vehicle you will notice the side air intake that melds into flying buttresses linking the roofline to the tapered rear end. The most prominent feature of rear of the vehicle is the center exhaust outlet surrounded by an aggressive rear diffuser.
The drivetrain of the NSX is one of the most complicated we’ve heard of. The Acura NSX employs a twin-turbo 3.5L V6 and three different electric motors that all add up to a total power output of 573-hp and 569 lb/ft of torque. Two of the electric motors power the front wheels giving the vehicle all-wheel drive while the third electric motor acts to spool up the turbos the end result being a sense of zero turbolag- something very difficult with today’s technology. An all-new 9-speed dual-clutch transmission sends power from the engine to the rear wheels. A four mode driving system controlled by a dial in the center of the vehicle can set up the vehicle for whatever you plan on throwing at it. If you need to leave your house without waking the neighbors then starting the NSX in its “Quiet” setting will let you sneak away in silence at up to 40 mph. The normal driving mode is actually named “Sport” while the “Sport Plus” setting sharpens up throttle response and stiffens the suspension. Turning the dial all the say to the right for a few seconds sends the NSX into its “Track” setting giving the vehicle the same driving characteristics you’d typically see in something a bit more Italian.
The interior of the NSX is a beautiful mix of Acura style built into a modern supercar. The center instrument cluster is a configurable display changing on whatever driving mode you are in. The multifunction steering wheel is well bolstered and large shifting paddles are easy to reach. A center divider separating driver and passenger melds seamlessly into the waterfall style multimedia system all centered around the driving mode selector. Of course you can expect Acura to fit it’s new supercar with the finest leather seats keeping you comfortable and well supported.
With advanced technology and superb driving dynamics, this next generation NSX is a suitable replacement for the brilliant NSX. If he were still alive today, Aryton Senna would surely get behind this new NSX more than twenty years later. The Acura NSX competes against the Audi R8, BMW i8, and the Mercedes AMG GT S.

The Stats
Starting Price: $168,400
Engine: 3.5L V6 and Electric Motors
Horsepower: 573
Torque: 569 lb/ft
0-60 MPH: 3.2 Seconds
Fuel Economy: 19/26 mpg
Safety Rating: 5 Stars

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