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BMW M2 Coupe

New BMW M2 Coupe Price, Pictures, and Specs -
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The story of the BMW M2 actually begins with the compact 1M from a few years back. BMW’s M cars are seen in the industry as weapons-grade versions of their standard vehicles. The list of critics was extensive when BMW announced it was going to make an “M” version of the pokey 1 Series. However BMW surprised everyone by giving us the 1M- a Frankenstein’s monster of sorts using parts from the M3, Z4, and other BMW sport models. BMW’s new little monster was a massive success and following in its footsteps is the new M2 Coupe. The M2 distinguishes itself from a standard 2 Series by the aggressively sculpted front end incorporating new spoilers for downforce and massive air intakes to feed air to the M2’s engine.
And what an engine it is. The M2 is powered by a 3.0L straight six that is turbocharged to send 365-hp to the rear wheels through your choice of a 6-speed manual (save the manuals!) or an 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. An Active M Differential with a number of distinct driving modes limits wheel spin to give you better traction in any environment. New brakes developed by BMW’s M Racing Team help bring the M2 to a stop with minimal brake fade.
The M Sport theme continues when you take a seat behind the wheel beginning with the three-spoke “M” steering wheel complete with the tri-color stitching designed after M Division’s colors. The seats are ready to take you to the track fitted with heavy bolstering to keep you firmly planted no matter the cornering forces you may face. BMW’s familiar iDrive multimedia system complete with control dial and central touchpad lets you control nearly every aspect of the vehicle ranging from changing the power output to finding the next gas station right at your fingertips. Rear seat room is limited but with a sporty compact such as the M2 that is typical (need more room buy a M3). The BMW M2 Coupe competes against other sporty compacts such as the Audi S3, Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG, and the Porsche Cayman.

The Stats
Starting Price: $51,700
Engine: 3.0L I6
Horsepower: 365
Torque: 343 lb/ft
0-60 MPH: 4.1 Seconds
Fuel Economy: 16/23 mpg
Safety Rating: 5 Stars
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