New Ferrari F12 TDF -

Ferrari F12 TDF

New Ferrari F12 TDF Price, Pictures, and Specs -
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The Ferrari F12 TDF is the fastest front engine car in Ferrari’s history. First lets get the name out of the way. TDF stands for “Tour de France” and no it doesn’t have anything to do with the bike race. Instead it refers to an endurance road race than ran between 1899 and 1986, a race that Ferrari dominated during the fifties and sixties. The Ferrari F12 TDF is powered by the same 6.3L V12 as the standard model but with some extra tuning produces 769-hp. The transmissions been worked over as well with upshifts shortened by 30% while downshifts have been shortened by 40%. Noticed the looks? The F12 TDF has received a total work over incorporating a larger front splitter, dive planes and floor wings, and larger “aerobridge” sections behind the front wheels. The more pronounced rear spoiler completes the package. All that aerowork allows the F12 TDF to produce an astounding 500lbs of downforce at 124mph. With all the added carbon fiber the TDF has lost nearly 250lbs bringing the weight down to 3,351lbs. So what is the sum of all this amazingness? 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds, 0-124 in only 7.9 seconds, and a top speed around 215mph. The best stat? The F12 TDF will lap Ferrari’s own Fiorano track in 1:21- only 1.3 seconds behind the LaFerrari hypercar. Only 799 will be made and a source with Ferrari has already let AutoChoose know that each and everyone of them were sold long ago. The Ferrari F12 TDF competes against the Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce, McLaren 675LT, and Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe.

The Stats
Starting Price: $550,000 (est)
Engine: 6.3L V12
Horsepower: 769
Torque: 520 lb/ft
0-60 MPH: 2.9 Seconds
Fuel Economy: 12/16 mpg
Safety Rating: 5 Stars.

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