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The Mazda6 has been the flagship of the Mazda fleet since its launch in 2002. Now in its third generation, the Mazda6 has redesigned looks good enough to compete with the best in the industry. The combination of the wider front grille, lower air intakes, and horizontal aluminum trim give a bold yet elegant look to the Japanese sedan. New 19-inch aluminum wheels with black accenting, nine new shades of paint including two high-metallic finishes, and LED accent lighting front and rear add a further sense of luxury to the Mazda6. Overall the exterior design clearly shows intent to raise the Mazda6 into a new class of automobile.
A 2.5L SKYACTIV four-cylinder engine powers the Mazda6. Mazda’s unique SKYACTIV Technology delivers fun and spirited engine characteristics while maintaining excellent fuel economy. The 184-hp from the small yet fizzy engine can be sent through your choice of manual or automatic transmissions to power the front wheels. The unique i-ELOOP regenerative braking system captures energy in capacitors to power the car’s electrical components ranging from the AC to the power steering system resulting in a real-world fuel economy gain of around 5%. The Mazda6 also has a suite of available safety and driving features including radar-guided cruise control, automatic braking and pedestrian awareness, and a rear cross traffic system that alerts you to oncoming vehicles when backing out of a space.
The interior of the Mazda6 has been totally redesigned and incorporates technology you’d really only expect to find on vehicles much more expensive (and usually German). Perforated, vented leather can be fitted throughout the cabin to give the Mazda6 a luxurious feel while the rotary knob based command system allows the driver to easily control all vehicle systems. The sporty three-spoke steering wheel is well appointed and has many of the vehicle controls easily within reach. The optional BOSE® 11-speaker Surround Sound system delivers crisp, rich 360-degree sound to all occupants.
The handsome Mazda 6 is for those looking for a quality sports sedan but doesn’t want to pay the price for a BMW or Mercedes-Benz.  For a vehicle with a starting price of $21,495, that Mazda6 might be one of the most underrated vehicles on the market today. The Mazda 6 competes against the Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, and Kia Optima.

The Stats
Starting Price: $21,495
Engine: 2.5L Inline four
Horsepower: 184
Torque: 185 lb/ft
0-60 MPH: 7.5 Seconds
Fuel Economy: 25-28/37-40 mpg
Safety Rating: 5 Stars

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