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Mercedes CLA-Class/CLA45 AMG

New Mercedes CLA-Class, CLA45 AMG Price, Pictures, and Specs -
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Mercedes CLA-Class
The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class burst on the scene a few years ago and made quite the impact.  With its sleek lines and pillar-less doors this small “four-door coupe” as Mercedes says looks genuinely expensive for its $30,000 starting price.  The CLA can fit four comfortably however taller passengers should avoid the rear seats due to its sloped rear roofline. AWD drive is optional although recommended for a sportier driving experience. The CLA-Class competes against the Audi A3, BMW 2 Series Coupe, and Buick Verano.

The Stats
Starting Price: $32,050
Engine: 2.0L Inline four
Horsepower: 208
Torque: 258 lb/ft
0-60 MPH: 6.9 Seconds
Fuel Economy: 24-26/32-38 mpg
Safety Rating: 5 Stars.

Mercedes CLA45 AMG
The CLA45 AMG might be the craziest car in the AMG lineup and is recognizable by the silver trim along its front splitter. This CLA on steroids has an astounding 355-hp coming from it’s 2.0L Inline four engine sent to all four wheels via Mercedes’s 4Matic AWD system. Inside the CLA45 receives little upgrades from it’s base CLA250 which is a bummer when you spend nearly $60K on a car and still see cheap plastic on the dash. The CLA45 AMG competes against the Audi S3, BMW M235i Coupe, and Buick Verano Turbo.

The Stats
Starting Price: $49,500
Engine: 2.0L Inline four
Horsepower: 355
Torque: 332 lb/ft
0-60 MPH: 4.4 Seconds
Fuel Economy: 23/31 mpg
Safety Rating: 5 Stars.

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