The 7 Types of Car Buyers -
The 7 Types of Car Buyers -

From the Car Enthusiast to the Timid Car Buyer, It is Important to Know What Type of Car Buyer You Are

The Seven Types of Car Buyers

What type of car buyer are you? People approach car buying in many different ways, but one thing that unites all is the fact that the more knowledge one has BEFORE signing on the dotted line, the better the outcome; namely, the more likely that the car you buy will be the one that best meets your needs. As a third-party car resource (AutoChoose does not sell cars and have no financial reason to tout one manufacturer over the other), we are an online consumer information provider for the car buyer.

Whatever type you are, you will find information and tools such the AutoChoose Car Calculator and supporting Database on that will empower you for a more informed car buying experience.

  • You are your friend's and family's (and even friend's of friends) go-to person when they want advice. This group is probably the smallest car buyer type because it requires the greatest knowledge base. You have probably been asked more than once to go along when someone else is buying a car. It is your job to ask the right questions of car salesmen. Your knowledge of everything automotive is impressive because you LOVE cars. You probably have a car that serves no basic transportation function but fall in the category of "collection" (you might dream of visiting Jay Leno's garage or even being him). Some of you even might have been accused by a significant other of loving cars more than them at one point in time (like when you forgot an anniversary because a car show was on the same day). You keep up on the latest car information to remain in this category. The Internet has made your life easier with information you need on demand and with the camaraderie of the car enthusiast community. You follow the top car blogs, subscribe to Car and Driver or MotorTrend and religiously watch Top Gear for the latest and greatest in car news.

    How can AutoChoose help you? You may know exactly what car you want to buy in any given year, but your friends and family do not. Guiding them through the Car Calculator will make your life easier. The database is a resource that you will probably find a big time saver. Instead of going to individual car manufacturer sites, this database has all car options available in one place.
  • Among your friends and family you are the one who jumps at the chance to buy the latest automobile innovation. If in the market for a new car fifteen years ago, you would have bought one of the first mass-produced hybrids (the Honda Insight or the Toyota Prius). New technology is to be embraced and not feared. Fretting over possible risks associated with the new technology does not hinder you from delving into the unknown. You thrive on the knowledge and novelty that the new inspires.

    The Car Calculator by AutoChoose is made for you. It represents a totally new, almost revolutionary approach to car buying. The car choices generated by the algorithm behind the Car Calculator allows the buyer to step back from the usual car buying influences (generated by advertisements), make informed choices, and zero in on personal needs. You may have a general idea of what type of vehicle you are looking for because it is one similar to that in your driveway right now. For you we suggest just playing around with the calculator. Select different options, see what the results give you and possibly you might just find the car perfect for you.
  • Your car represents a reflection of your position in the world. If you get a promotion at work, you trade up to a more prestigious (more expensive) car so that all can see your new status. You equate price with status and auto dealers love you because you usually get the car that makes them the highest commissions. Lawyers and brokers, who need to show clients that they are successful are usually found in this car buyer type.

    You would use the Car Calculator at to differentiate the good from the great car purchase. Our advice would be to use the filters in the calculator to limit your results to some of the luxury brands such as Audi or BMW. The database will also greatly help you out by being able to compare the different trim levels of these models in greater detail. With this information there is no doubt your car will be perfect to impress whoever you need too.
  • This group is probably the largest. For the vast percentage of Americans, cars are needed for basic transportation and represent the second largest purchase they will make in their lifetimes. The purchase is almost always financed in this group. The ranking of the five categories in the Car Calculator at is extremely important for the buyers in this category as maximizing value.

    How much car you can "afford" should not be the deciding factor in your car purchase. Price alone will more often make others (banks and auto dealers) happier than you, the car owner. If the bank says you can finance $30,000 (and you have $2000 down), a $32,000 car might not be the best for your needs. The sticker price alone does not always give the best value, especially when one manufacturer markets with a stripped down base car (with many basic features as options) and another includes these features as part of the base sticker price.
  • You never buy the same car or even the same manufacturer twice. You are one step behind the early adopters-letting them iron out the bugs before you consider the newest technology. You research your car choices at the various online sites and look at satisfaction surveys to help pick your next car. The Car Calculator and supporting Database at will become the first (and primary) information resource for you. It will redirect your thinking from "change is good" to "informed choice is better”.
  • Some car buyers purchase cars from the same manufacturer over and over again. Some even trade in a particular model for a newer model every time you are in the market for a car. You might feel that the car is the "perfect" car for you, so why even bother looking at anything else. You might find car buying tedious (and even intimidating) so car buying simply becomes a matter of placing your order and you are done. If this is the case then the AutoChoose Car Calculator is perfect for you. Go ahead and directly compare your current vehicle against the competition and see how they truly stack up against each other. By doing this you can easily confirm that either your vehicle is best or maybe it is time for a change.
  • Some car buyers absolutely hate going to car dealerships. They are intimidated (and even scared) of the whole car buying experience. They don't have much car knowledge and car salesmen take advantage of this fact to sell them more expensive cars than they need or worse get you into the wrong vehicle altogether. The Car Calculator and supporting database gives the Timid as a Mouse car buyer the knowledge needed to Roar like a Tiger. In addition, supporting documentation helps you with information that builds confidence so that you can appreciate how wonderful car ownership is truly meant to be. The Car Calculator is your hidden weapon when you walk into the dealership. Armed with the information from the calculator you can tell the salesman exactly which model and trim you are looking for and cut out the traditional salesman fluff.