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Tesla Model S

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The Tesla Model S is not your ordinary EV. Normally in life you have to choose between being eco-friendly or outright speed. With the Tesla model S… You get both. Tesla’s names its models after the size battery pack they carry measured in kWhs. The base “70” trim has a 382-hp electric motor sending power to the rear wheels while also having a 230 miles of range. However if you are completely insane then the “P85D” is the one for you. First lets break that name down- in long terms the “P85D” stands for “Performance 85kWh Dual Drive”. The P90D’s electric motors produce 762-hp sending the Model S to sixty in as little as 2.8 seconds- all while maintaining an estimated 300 mile range. The Tesla Model S competes against the Audi RS7, BMW M6 Grand Coupe, and Mercedes CLS63 AMG.

The Stats
Starting Price: $71,100
Engine: Electric
Horsepower: 382/ 329/ 422/ 762
Torque: 325/ 275/ 375/ 687 lb/ft
0-60 MPH: 2.8-5.5 Seconds
Fuel Economy: 89-94/97-98 mpg(e)
Safety Rating: 5 Stars

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