The AutoChoose Car Calculator
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The AutoChoose Car Calculator

Ever walk into a dealership with no real idea what vehicle is best for you?
We have collected information on every car on the market so you don’t have to.

Only see one car recommended to you? If one vehicle’s fit for your lifestyle is 25% or greater over the others then the Car Calculator will only show you that vehicle demonstrating clear advantage over the competition.

Some Tips to Get Started

Selecting a Car Brand:

If you already have a general idea about the car bands you’d like to look at then try comparing those brands.

Ranking Vehicle Characteristics:

Rank the five vehicle characteristics based on what is most important to you with the top slot being the most important factor in your next vehicle purchase.

Picking a Drivetrain:

Live in an area where all-wheel drive is necessary or are you looking for rear-wheel drive sports car. Picking a drivetrain can help you narrow your results.

Picking an Engine:

Want big power in a small package or are you desperate for that V8 rumble? Pick an engine type if this is you.

Picking a Fuel Type:

Need a hybrid or diesel-powered vehicle? Pick a fuel type to narrow your results.

Picking a Style:

From the family SUV to the weekend convertible it’s important to know where to start. Pick a body style to narrow your results.

Pick a Transmission:

Love that bolt-action rifle-like feeling of changing the gears yourself? Try narrowing your results to only a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission.

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