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AutoChoose Car of the Day: 2018 Pagani Huayra Roadster

Pagani's Hypercar Just Became More Hyper

Pagani Huayra Roadster
Sometimes you risk ruining a brilliant two-door coupe when you convert it into a roadster. However luckily thanks to the wonderful mind of one Horacio Pagani, it’s safe to say we weren’t worried a bit. First debuted in 2011, the Pagani Huayra Coupe had all the drama someone would ask for: “carbo-tanium” (a blend of carbon fiber and titanium) body, beautiful gullwing doors, and of course one of the most intricate aerodynamic systems ever seen on a vehicle. However after one good look at the Pagani Huayra Roadster it’s clear that all the drama and performance is present and accounted for.

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A quick look reveals bodywork closer to that of the hardcore Huayra BC than the standard Huayra. A deep chin spoiler adds some extra length to the front end giving the Huayra Roadster a sleeker overall look. The engine bay now features unique vents that blend in with the roll hoops that besides looking amazing also add vital cooling to the engine. The rear diffuser is also larger compared to that of the Huayra Coupe and features new geometry to produce greater downforce with less drag. New multispoke lightweight wheels also add a dramatic flair to the carbon Italian. Thanks to that afore-mentioned brilliant mind of Horacio Pagani, where most roadsters gain weight in the name of rigidity, the Huayra Roadster actually manages to weigh and astounding 176lbs less than it’s coupe counterpart while offering more torsional rigidity. There are actually two roof options for the Huayra Roadster: the first being a rigid carbon fiber panel with a glass center that can be easily lifted and clipped into position and a foldable fabric top. The fabric top utilizes carbon fiber struts that are foldable in order to store the top in a special storage compartment.

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The Mercedes AMG-built 6.0L twin-turbo V12 featured in the Huayra Coupe produced an impressive 720-hp. However Pagani in their usual madness decided that wasn’t quite enough. The Huayra Roadster features an updated power plant based off the hardcore Huayra BC sending an astounding 764-hp to the rear wheels. A new titanium exhaust system creates a unique symphony of sound meant to resemble the sound of a jet fighter at takeoff. The active aerodynamics system has also been tweaked to produce more downforce and be more responsive to changes in direction.

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The interior of the Huayra Roadster is traditional Pagani madness. A blend of leather, carbon fiber, and polished metals are the only materials that will greet you if lucky enough to step inside the cabin. The same 67-piece exposed gear shifter is present and with the roof gone all that V12 wonderfulness is just that much easier to hear.

The Stats
Starting Price: $2,300,000
Engine: 6.0L TT V12
Horsepower: 764
Torque: 738 lb/ft
0-60 MPH: 2.8 Seconds
Fuel Economy: 14/19 mpg
Safety Rating: 5 Stars

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