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Lexus GS-F: An AutoChoose Review

With a Set of Keys and a Sunny Afternoon We Experience the Best Lexus has to Offer

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Stop What You Are Doing And Watch This Now

Seriously. There's no better cure for the Mondays.

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The Ferrari 488 GT3 Racer Debuts

The 488 receives some funky styling.

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Ferrari Unleashes the F12 TDF

The new V12 bruiser marks the end of an era

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Motor Trend's Driver's Car of the Year Revealed

Again… (Thanks Mercedes)

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Day 3 of Motor Trend's Driver's Car of the Year

Day 3 of the competition and we finally see the AMG GT S

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Day 2 of Motor Trend's Driver's Car of the Year

Day 2 of the competition and we have some more great laps

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Paul Walker's Daughter Sues Porsche

But will anything come of it?

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Today Begins Motor Trend's Driver's Car of the Year

Sure it's been spoiled but we can still have some fun

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Jaguar Chases the BMW X5 with the New F-Pace

We think this is the best-looking SUV on the market. Period.

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Will Porsche Beat Tesla at Their Own Game?

The new Mission-e Concept looks like a Panamera from 2025

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Lamborghini Drops the Top on the Huracan

Who doesn’t like a roofless Lambo?

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Bugatti Unveils Vision GT Concept

Who wouldn’t want to see this run at Le Mans?

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Care to Join the 200 MPH Club?

One car club has the holy trinity of hybrid hypercars for you to try

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This is the Corvette ZO6 You Want

Germany and America team up to create a monster

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2016 Toyota Prius Takes a Bow

The new Prius finally gets a dash of secret sauce

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Mansory to Take a Shot Remaking the Porsche 918 Spyder

Oh. Dear. God.

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Volkswagen’s Famous Hot Hatch Celebrates a Big Birthday

Remember the GTI Clubsport Concept? Tis a concept no longer

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BMW i8 Takes a Hard Hit

Seeing this just brings a tear to your eye.

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Audi Reveals new Armored A8

This thing can shrug off a grenade. No joke.

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A Hellcat powered Jeep? HELL YES

Can you seriously picture something crazier than this? We've got pics.

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Justin Wilson dies from injuries at Pocono

Is driver safety beginning to become a bigger concern?

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Jules Bianchi succums to his injuries from Suzuka

A talented driver taken too early due to injuries from last years are in Japan.

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Ferrari's Most Powerful Production Convertible Arrives!

Get ready to mess up that new hair style
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Volvo offers a Lifetime Warranty

Talk about standing behind your product

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Darth Vader's i8 Revealed!

If Darth Vader were real- this would be his car.
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Who to Kill? The Moral Dilemma with Autonomous Vehicles

Who will your car be forced to kill? You or the kids on the sidewalk?
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Jaguar's Big Plans for 2016- An Editorial from AutoChoose Founder Dan Anton

The Brits are planning something special for the Germans…
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Finally the New GT Arrives!

Mid-engine? Check. Three seconds to sixty mph? Check. 600+ horsepower from an Ecoboost V6? Check...?
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AutoChoose's Geneva 2015 Preview

Here's what we're looking forward to at this years Geneva Motor Show.
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Super Bowl XLIX Observations for the Casual Car Buyer

Were these Super Bowl ads really for the better?
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